Merrylittle Studio


Merrylittle Studio is the creative brand moniker for Madison Lytle– an illustrator, surface pattern designer, and letterer based in Kansas City.

Photo Credit:  Sarah Dean

Photo Credit: Sarah Dean


Madison Herman

Hello! I majored in Illustration at the University of Kansas, and have been working at
Hallmark as a card designer since 2016. I love creating colorful, hand-crafted, charming images that typically involve botanicals, cute critters, lettering, and surface design. 

When I’m not making art, you can usually find me enjoying flowers, sunshine, ice cream, my husband, my cat, dancing poorly to 90s hip hop, floating in lakes, hiking, and befriending all the animals. 

Awards and Honors:
2016 Tradeshow Bootcamp Scholarship Winner
2018 Hallmark Illustration Mentorship Recipient
2019 Make it in Design Scholarship Runner-Up

If you are interested in working together, 




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